About Me


Hey I’m Julie and I’m super excited that you stopped by!

Have you been “dieting” since you can remember?

Do you just want to lose a few more pounds?

Are you confused with all of the health and fitness information out there?

Yeah, me too.

I love health and fitness and anything related to it. I also like to check the research before I follow some crazy advice.

I’ve been making my way through everything for the past 6-8 years. And I am healthier now than when I started, but improvements can always be made. ALWAYS.

So I made this site to help people filter through the bullshit and crazy guru advice and get back to the science of things.

I understand that people have tried certain things and it did wonders for them, but not everyone is them. Every body is different and not all things work for all bodies.

I want to make things simple. Because health and weight loss should be.

I’m going to be honest here, I love lifting weights, so I’m probably going to have things on here about strength training and muscle growth.

I will also have things on here about fat loss and cardio, because those are important too.

What I won’t have on here are rules that state you must cut out everything you love, hide in a room and never do anything except workout and eat on a specific schedule. Because.. really??

 Come and hang out for a bit and get back to the simpler basics.

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