Using MyFitnessPal to Track Your Goals

how to set up

MyFitnessPal, or MFP, is one of the more common nutrition trackers out there. It's free version is great for most people. You can pay for the premium if you want to really get into the specifics or if you're a bit OCD.

Anyways, I wanted to share with you how to get started and set up MFP to track your goals. So here we go...

First, you need to go to your App Store, or Google Play store and get the app.

Untitled design

You can sign in with Facebook, because who doesn't now a days.. or you can use your e-mail and a password. Be warned when choosing a username that you can only change your username once per account. I don't know why they do this, but they do. So choose carefully.

This is also the time where they will ask you what your goal is (lose, gain or maintain weight) and you can enter your personal details.

Log in_ Sign up

Once you finish signing up, below is the homepage that you will see. I have highlighted the top area where it gives you a preset amount of calories based on the goals that you entered during sign up. Don't worry if they don't match up with what you manually calculate or are currently eating. These can be changed easily.

Main Page

I also highlighted the menu bar at the bottom of the app screen. Under the "more" button another menu will appear. On the menu, you can choose the goals option to reset your goals, or manually set your goals.

Goals Menu

If you want to have MFP choose everything for you, you can click on the Goal Weight and go through the prompts to set everything up. This will likely be the same goals that you initially had if the information that you enter is the same.

Goals Menu (1)

The Calorie, Carbs, Protein and Fat Goals is where you want to go if you want to set your calories and macros manually. To learn how to calculate your macros, check out this post.

When you click to enter your calories, YOU MUST HIT THE CHECK MARK otherwise it won't save. With your macros, I always aim to get as close as possible.. a few grams either way isn't going to hurt. When your satisfied with your breakdown, CLICK THE CHECKMARK! :-)

Now when you go back to your homepage, your goals will be changed.

P.S please don't hate on me for my low calories or goal weight in this post, I am vertically challenged and am only 5' tall.