4 Things I've Learned Doing Yoga In Jeans

Practicing yoga is a release. A release of stress, of tension, of time, of self. Finding yourself takes time. Time alone with yourself and your thoughts.
But sometimes you need a quick fix. Picture this.. In the middle of the day, you take a break and do 5 or 10 minutes of yoga. Mostly stretching to release the tension and stress you're holding onto. But are you going to spend 5 or 10 minutes changing in and out of your work clothes to do a few minutes of yoga? What happens if you stretch more later?

My job allows me to have a few breaks a day and quiet office to do a quick yoga session in. I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt or a polo, so changing would only make a calming situation more stressful. So I don't change. I practice yoga in jeans.

4 Things Practicing Yoga in Jeans has Taught Me

1. You don't have to go so deep to feel the stretch and release

Everyone is always trying to 'be more flexible'. Always in a race to be like someone else. Wearing jeans has taught me that I don't have to go as deep to feel the same release in tighter than usual muscles. Sometimes they even help hold me at a certain point where I normally would sink lower and not be able to hold the position as long.

2. You don't have to be like everyone else

Yoga is over sensationalized these days. It's the new thing. But everyone is chasing dreams to be like that girl on the beach doing yoga all day. What they don't see is how hard she must work to be able to do yoga on the beach all day. She has probably been doing yoga for years. She probably only gets a few hours/minutes to herself each day. Her pictures are only the highlights of her day. Be more curious about what you don't see. 
And to get back on point, just do you and things will work out.

3. It's about the journey not the pose

Yes, yoga is full of poses. Poses for this and poses for that. But the pose is an expression of what's inside. A way for the energy to move through you. To heal. Touching my forehead to my knee in forward bend is not as important when my goal is to reduce stress. Yes, the deeper stretch is nice, but I can save that for when I have more time. When I need a quick relax session, I'm doing the poses to move energy through me and out of me.. not to challenge myself.

4. Meditation doesn't have to be sitting

Meditation can come in many different forms. Yoga and walking meditation are common types of moving meditations. Just doing 5 minutes of yoga for me is my meditation. I can do this as much as I need throughout the day and reap the benefits of both. You just need to bring yourself into the present moment and stop focusing on that large to do list or the computer screaming at you every time you get a new e-mail.